Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Great Day!

Just back from the Doctor Shop. This was the internist, Dr. Kipper. Turns out, he has not been getting copies of my blood-work from the lab. (The lab's computer zips the copies out to whoever is on the list. For some reason it has not been zipping. Now it is.)

He does his thing; stethoscope, poke'm here, poke'm there... "DEEP breath... no, a really deep breath..." and I'm breathing so hard the wallpaper is starting to blister. Doesn't believe the girls figures perhaps.

Hems & haws and finally tells me: 'Get outta here. Come see me in three or four months."

So the physicians are all in agreement: I'm pregnant. Or mebbe not :-) But I'm certainly not suffering from a cancerous tumor. Oh, it's there. And it has already done its dirty work. But except for the back pain I am not suffering from it. It has not spread; it is not eating me alive.
This is GOOD NEWS . And I am happy to share it with you.

There is still the pain, of course, kept in check by a careful balance of pain-killers. If I try to do too much -- and I have, a time or two. I have a Magic Elixer called 'No Pain' that I can rub on the spot which does a nice job if the pain is not too large. But keep pushing the envelop and the pain will eventually break through. By the time it does, it's no laughing matter -- the magnitude is 'way out there and nothing works except a shot or more pain pills... which knocks me out. And if I'm not near a bed when that happens, it can be a major inconvenience.

But today was a good day. One I wanted to share with you.


I'm still working on the Portable/Table Saw project. I wasted a week tracking down some sanding disks. Then we had a spate of rain (!!). Unheard of this late in the year. Then there were house chores... yada, yada, yada.

And the worry. Which is kinda funny.

I've got cancer. But I feel pretty good and find myself worrying about that. Think about it for a minute. The main problem is that I've not yet gotten to the point where I can shrug my shoulders and get on with my life. After all, Cancer is Bad. So I shouldn't be feeling Good.

Crazy, eh?



Unknown said...

Great news, Bob.


A good day!

Unknown said...

Great news!!!

Jon Ross said...

Dear Bob:

I'm glad to see you're feeling good. How you keep sharing your knowledge with all of us during this difficult time for you is a wonder, and share you do.

I really do like the personal touch you offer in your writings when you note the backgroud to any given subject as to who and why things are the way they are; particulary with machines and engine work. I have you to thank for introducing me to Sir Harry Ricardo as well as a few other notable people.

So keep on feeling good please. You should know that it's always nice to read your posts and consider what is is that you're saying. Your thought provoking writings really are a nice break from all of the dry aviation stuff I deal with all day long.

Jon Ross,
Northport, NY

Jimdub said...

This breakthrough is largely down to your attention to detail with regard to following your strict regime, and understanding WHY you are doing such things.
Well done.
Your are the mechanic in charge...

tussesvw said...

Thats really awesome news Bob ... I am so pleased for you :)

Keep up the positive vibes, they're working !


(Tricky - RAMVA)

Jimdub said...

Erk, I cannot believe how annoyed I get seeing bad spelling, and there I am, spelling "you're" wrong.
Look what you made me do, Bob.