Thursday, June 18, 2009


This is a red 'loaf, I think a '71. No engine installed but it's on its own wheels. Used for storage so some stuff has to come out before it can go. There might be a Type IV stored in it -- I haven't been into it in more than a year.

There is a small propane tank for this one. Lotsa junk inside.

This is the one down in the field. No running gear but trick upholstery. Loaded with junk. Needs to be skidded onto a flat-bed... after removing the vehicles in front of it.

That's Grendle. I patched her floor & door jams, did some work to the nose & cockpit (floor was rusted out). Front axle is removed for overhaul... which never happened. Ditto for engine, except it was a swap; the core engine is still here, plus the tranny & aft running gear. The running gear could be re-installed in a couple of days but it's a long way from running -- needs a fuel tank & plumbing, for example, plus I haven't finished the doors.

There is a nose clip down in the field which was for this vehicle but now it's a case of winner take all. There's a shot of her nose.


tussesvw said...

they look in good shape compared to ones stored here in the uk ! I dont know the American spec too well, but in the UK the 'Loaf' would be a 72 with the later rear.

I have a few busses in my back yard too - and yes... all full of junk and rusting away :(

Still, I prefer it, to a nicely manicured lawn ! :)


Anonymous said...

Judging from the square tail-lights, that red bus is a 72. That probably explains the type4 engine it has inside.

Sure wish I was close enough to help clean up; barn finds here in Southern Ontario are usually in much worse shape than the one's you picture.