Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's for Measuring! Honest!

As I said, you'll find a packet of cigarette papers in the tool box of most machinists.

(The blue-green Crayolas are used when flatting one surface against another. There's also some Crayola-brand CHALK in there for the same purpose. The Crayola items were purchased from American Science & Surplus Co.)


Anonymous said...

Hey you've got cancer a great reason to use some of those papers in your left hand.

Anonymous said...

Rolling papers? That's not as bad as explaining why I keep a gigantic jar of vaseline in the bottom drawer of my tool chest.

You see, a gob of petroleum jelly holds check valves (like small ball bearings) in place in the valve body while assembling an automatic transmission. Even while upside down (e.g. bolted into the car).

Jerry in Va

james said...

Also a little concerned re the crayons at the back, Bob. Fancy some colouring in ?

Anonymous said...

By the way, Merry Christmas, Bob! Thank you for all your "gifts of wisdom" over the years. You've certainly made me independent of mechanics and shops and I drive my 40-year-old cars with pride, secure in the knowledge that I can now fix damned near anything that should go wrong, given enough time.

I've done my best to pass this knowledge and spirit of freedom on to others by helping and teaching. (I treasure my old printouts of your "Sermons". Never have I seen such a fine blend of humor and information.) Which reminds me, did you ever give back your daughter's white nail polish after marking your CV joints?

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas !