Monday, November 3, 2008

I Need Your Help, Please!

Dear Friends... and you other folks too...

I get a lot of mail asking for help, mostly about engines but often about really important stuff, like how to file for immigration, or how to lay their hands on a copy of a local newspaper.


In most cases I'm both willing and able to provide the information they've asked for but I CAN'T.... because they haven't given me a return address. OR... they've posted their request to some blog entry I made years before and I've no way of telling which one they are talking about.

My e-mail address is Send your request to that address and I will receive it. But be sure to include your own e-mail address.

Alexander in Russia is still waiting to hear from me... because I don't know his e-mail address. Alexander isn't alone. I've posted aboout 300 entries to my blog and a lot of them have generated feed-back. But without a return address I can't answer them.

So please help me out, if you can.

-Bob Hoover


C R said...

Good to hear from you, Bob.
Keep up the fight. You're in my prayers.

Mike Bucchino Sr. said...

Hi Bob, How are you feeling? If you think that this surgical repair will improve your life, and that you'll live quite a bit longer, then do it. If the general prognosis for your disease is poor, then it may not be 'worth' it. Life is precious, and the freedom to live it as long as possible, while being able to pursue our 'loves', makes it worthwhile. I'm no expert, but I thought I'd give you an opinion to think about. I hope you are able to find some small ways to lessen your pain and increase your ability to enjoy some things that you love to do, daily. Some days, just doing one thing that you enjoy, will suffice and sustain you through the difficult times. You're a widely-read, much-loved expert on many fronts, and we all need you as long as you are able to write. Take care, Bob, and keep your blogs coming as often as practical.