Thursday, August 7, 2008

How ya' doing?

How ya' doing?” tumbles out of my in-box a dozen times a day. Surprisingly, most of the queries are from people I've never met. When they provide a valid e-mail address I tell them I'm doing fine and thank them for asking but most aren't meant to be a medical report; most are a simple show of solidarity from one airman to another. And as I've said to them, it is warmly appreciated.

As for the purely medical aspects of 'How ya' doing?' I've completed the radiation therapy phase and have started on chemotherapy. The pain is pretty much under control, my weight-loss appears to be flattening out and I'm getting more sleep. Overall, I think you can say I'm one lucky fellow.

Some say we make our own luck. I've got good evidence that much of it is a shared commodity, transferred from one individual to another by something as simple as asking: 'How ya' doing?'

Just fine, thanks. But a lot of that is because of you.



Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your practical salt of the earth commentaries for years and then lost track of your work. I am glad to have found them again, and am sorry to hear of your fight with cancer. I would like to mention an asset I utilized with my own treatment for prostate cancer at Loma Linda Medical center. They have a proton beam accelerator that has the unique ability to target a tumor while minimizing damage to healthy tissues. The beam deposits little radiation at high energy and none below a critical energy level. I don't know if the particular benefits of this facility would help you, but one can always ask the question.

Best wishes for success with your treatments.

George E Smith

C R said...

It's good to see another post from you, Bob. I hope your progress continues.

Retro said...

We're just checking that you're still with us, mon ami :-)

Wouter in Cape Town

Anonymous said...

I'm not a pilot or an airman,
just a guy that likes planes and
enjoys a good read.
Your blog has sent me investigating
all kinds of things that I would
never have explored without the
spark of interest you ignited
by your writings.
I thank you very much!
I hope you are able to complete
your projects and still find time
to blog as your health allows.
I'm confident things will look up
after the treatments and a
little recoup time.
Just know there's a lot of people
like me out here that you've
touched and we're sending good
thoughts your way.