Monday, March 24, 2008

Other Ribs

A two-place Primay Glider may appear to be a contradiction of terms but having such a beast on the flight-line can be the difference between a Group devoted to pancake breakfasts and one having a successful flight-training program for youngsters.

Since cost is always a factor in real grass-roots aviation, the two-place was built almost entirely from materials that were locally available. The 68" ribs were routed from doorskins and fitted with a grooved cap-strip. Airfoil is an early Eiffel, I think one of the '400' series.


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wcgillian said...

Hey Bob,

Found your blog while looking for info on the other guy. Enjoyed your site even though I am not a pilot. Love aircraft however. I just wrote a story about the other Bob if you have time to take a look.