Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ancient History

Found in a drawer. A box of 35mm slides, mis-labeled. That's me on the right, visiting bureaucrat on the left. Da Nang, RVN, 1967.

Departing Japan, 1965 --->

Thanksgiving, 2008.

Yeah, I know. But if it still works, why throw it away?


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Anonymous said...

Gosh, I had forgotten... that second picture reminded me of the days when stairs ("the boarding ramp"?) were wheeled right up to the aircraft and one could smell the burned fuel, the oil, and the asphalt and hear the other aircraft taxiing or idling. Those were the days -- when commercial flying was still exciting and considered a special event, worthy of a necktie.

Nicholas said...

They still use boarding ramps/stairs on flights in Bangkok and India (I've experienced this recently). A shuttle bus takes you from the terminal to the plane. You can smell and hear everything. :)