Tuesday, February 27, 2007

VW = Degrees for Free

See equals pie dee.

So... whats the dee of your pullee? (Careful here. VW used at least three.)

If you know the dee you can figger out the see...

...an once you know the see you solve for degree.

How? Last time I checked every see has got three hundred and sixty degrees so
see over three-sixty gives you one. Degree, that is. How many you need?
Seven point five? Twenty-eight?

Then all you gotta do is measure them out on your pullee,
mark 'em good,
make'em shine,
keeps the engine in tune and the ignition on time.

If you got a #2 yaller pencil... or even a #3... it's a breeze to track down a
missing degree.

There ya go. Degrees for free.

-Bob Hoover

PS -- Or pony up the bukz and buy a degree wheel. Full size, please. But
before installing it, give it a bath. Detergent & water & a good rinse after.
Then put a paper down in a glass dish, pour in some vinegar or other mild acid
and put your clean degree wheel numbers-down into the dish.

The numbers are only painted on (and not always accurately -- best to check).
The acid will etch the aluminum. Not much. But enough. Thereafter, when the
painted numbers on your crappy, non-engraved, sellum-to-the-kiddies degree
wheel vanish, as they always do, the acid etching will remain... along with the
image of the numbers. -- rsh

PPS -- What's a GOOD degree wheel cost? 'bout a hunnert bucks, all nicely
engraved (the markings will never wear off), anodized (the pulley groove won't
wear out) and balanced.

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